Rift story
Chapter 1 : The Kingdom of Chrysalia


The rift

The rift is the top layer of our world. a hub world housing what could best be described as 'bubbles' each containing unique worlds that can be traveled between.


Timelines are what Lily named the different worlds inside of the rift. Despite their name they are not actually in a different point in time. They where named this because the flow of time in and outside of these worlds seems to slightly vary, often this is merely microseconds in difference.
Howver during a disaster event it was discovered that some worlds can have a time difference so massive that a single day in one timeline could be an entire year in another.
because of this a lot of the worlds seem to be in different era's and ages. and so have been dubbed timelines to explain the different levels of technology present in each world.

Rift collapse

Timelines may sometimes become unstable, this results in an event known as Rift collapse. a timeline will basically fold down on itself and cease to exist.
this used to be a rare occurance, but for unkown reasons it seems to be happening more often lately.

Rift walkers

Rift walking is the act of traveling between timelines, this can be acheived either by technological, magical or other means
those that have the ability to traverse the rift in this manner are known as Rift walkers.

Chrysalian empire

Alia Kobayashi

Current ruler of the the kingdom of Chrysalia, a role she took when she was just a young heroine known as Alia kobayashi before she got in̨v̶̨ol͘͡͡v҉̷͡ȩ͘d̷̡͏̶̷ ̸̢w̶̨̕͝i҉͜͝-̴̸̴̶...(the text is unreadable, looks like someone tried to erase this?)... after which she had vowed to restore the kingdom, now named the kingdom of Chrysalia, named in honor of its former ruler.

Lily Kakutasu

Lily serves as Alia's best friend and right hand, she was the first person to find out about Alia's conundrum.
her origin timeline has since collapsed leaving her with no home to go back to and so she decided to go with Alia to support her effort in restoring her former kingdom.
So that she might one day have a place to call home again.


more characters will be introduced here soon

The Story

Chapter 1: The kingdom of Chrysalia

Alia and Lily first met when they where aged 18 and 19 respectively, Lily had just fled her own timeline as it was about to collapse.
She was left with nothing but her Rift walking gear and a backpack containing her usual exploration gear.

During this time she had spent a few weeks stumbling around the new world she ended up in before she came upon what appeared to be the ruins of an old civilization
here she had her first run in with Alia, the last survivor of a great war between her former kingdom and a army of demonic creatures that had attacked her only a few months prior
with both having nothing left and nowhere to go they decided to set up and start exploring, to find a new world to call home.

after roughly a year of exploration Alia and Lily finally found what would soon become their new home, a floating island the size of a continent above a enormous waterworld.
here they found what seemed to be a uninhabited castle, the strange thing was that the castle looked as if nobody had even ever lived there from the start. like it was built there and forgotten
Having been going from place to place for so long they decided this would be where they were gonna settle the new kingdom.
from here they spent a year renovating and improving the castle, collecting various furniture from different timelines surrounding their new home world
around this time Lily became worried with a certain timeline as it seemed off, not long after it collapsed, not leaving any trace of it's former existance asside from a blue goo like substance, something that came to be known as rift matter
Out of precaution Alia and Lily decided that they had to rescue whatever they could from these unstable worlds as they actively went out to rescue people from timelines that seemed unstable from this point out.

Chapter 2: The collapse

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Chapter 3B: Separation [Magicka arc]

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Chapter 3A: Separation [HiTec Arc]

Chapter complete, still needs to be written down...

Chapter 4: Reunion

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