Brandon van Dongen

Junior web development student

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About me

Who am I

I'm a 23 year old student web developer, aspiring to learn as much as i can about anything related to webdevelopment, Some things i particularly enjoy working on at the moment are HTML5 games and Discord Bots

What do i do

Right now I'm still a Student at ROC Tilburg, I'm currently working on multiple projects including a game called Pixel Park, a Discord bot by the name of Glyph and various side projects alongside my homework.

What I want to do

Prefferably I'd eventually like to become a gamedeveloper but I'm nowhere near experienced enough for this. because of this I try my best to learn as much as i can and i plan to start getting into game development on the side in my spare time.

Aspiring web developer
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My skills


Javascript has up until now been my primary language due to the kind of projects I have been working on both for my education and my spare time projects.


Node, also known as server-side Javascript, Still somewhat inexperienced with it but my knowledge of Node is noticibly higher then that of most other languages.


PHP is the language I started learning code with, i don't use it all that often anymore unless i need it for school projects, but i tend to avoid it if possible.

Hobbyist Game developer
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Pixel Park

Pixel Park is a spare time HTML5 game development project i'm working on using the Phaser 3 javascript engine, i will be posting more about this in the future